Mission is the wind— the Great Wind which never ceases.

The wind is the unseen force. Though unseen, the effects are easily perceived. 

Locate your Mission Seed using, "Moon Wings"

Find Your Mission

This wind aids the individual along the path with greater speed, greater ease and guides the life force through the maze of obstacles. When one travels with the wind, the journey is smooth, the journey is rapid, one receives support from the surroundings. When one moves against the wind, the bumps are felt and the pace is slowed.

Each individual naturally seeks to locate the great cosmic current. One senses its existence. One senses that one has a place of existence in this great cosmic flow.

Find Your Cosmic Wind

First, Let Fly the Moon Wings

  1. Repeat this process 3 additional times, each time noting the outcome of the two wings positions (waxing, waning or full).

  2. Use the Moon Wings App in order to easily identify the selected Seed.

  3. With an intent, "let go" of the Flying Seed Moon Wings. Let go. It is a process, a simple process. The intent is held, then it is let go. The Moon Wings are held in the hand. The desire is held in the heart. The hands release the Moon Wings, the heart releases the desire. In this way, Creating is achieved. 

Waxing, Full and Waning—these forms are the expressions of the Energies of Creation. They are the essential building blocks, the essence of the Spins of Initial Rotations.


The essential spin energies of Waxing, Full and Waning may be detected by the energized twin Moon Wings.

Then, go to Moon Wings App

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