Daily Seeds Calendar

Each day begins with a new Seed. After midnight, the Seed # changes. In the table below, find the list of Seeds for each day and the time when the Seed shifts during that day to the 2nd Seed of the day. 

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The Daily Seed is the Seed of the Present.

To gather the support from the forces and energies most enlivened in our atmosphere, in our environment, we may utilize the Wheels associated with the Seed whose energies are present. This is the Daily Seed.


Each day, there is a sequence of Seeds. At a specific time the energies of the Early Daily Seed transform into the energies of the Latter Daily Seed.


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Like this, Seeds unfold, generating support for specific activities, and development along certain channels. The activities supported during the day are influenced by the Seed energies which are present and enlivened during that time.

Make hay while the sun shines!

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