We offer a wide range of educational programs designed to bring the Seeds of Creation within reach of individuals, scholars, children and professionals alike.


In-person or online lectures to introduce the knowledge and techniques of the Flying Seed, length varies: 45 minutes–3 hours.


A comprehensive option of 1-3 days of day-long sessions, during which individuals are provided comprehensive education in the basic principles and techniques of the Flying Seed. Seminars are lead by a highly trained expert(s) in the Seeds of Creation, and support staff to educate participants in the specifics to formulate a home program, unique to each individual.


Each day, participants receive experiential education as well as theoretical understanding of the Seeds of Creation. Demonstrations and information are shared at each lesson. Throughout the lessons, participants are educated in a variety of FLYING SEED Creating (meditative) techniques and are given the opportunity to offer FLYING SEED (energy-based treatment) sessions to one another to gain a deeper understanding of ways to apply the knowledge of FLYING SEED within themselves or to share with others once they return home.


They are given extensive educational material, and, at the conclusion, each participant receives an individualized home program, unique in its specific nature and designed to maximize the development of Fullness of life.


These are 2-3 days of day-long sessions, offering in-depth understanding of the source and history of this knowledge, the systematic unfoldment of the basic elements of creation in the formation of creation and the training in the use of mathematical programs for the calculation and selection of the Seeds. Upon completion, Teachers of the Flying Seed receive certification to offer Lessons on the Lawn—courses of knowledge—to others, under the guidelines and policies of the Flying Seed Foundation.


“Seeds of Wisdom” are customized programs for children, offering simple Creating Techniques to develop focus, creativity, happiness and inner stability. The program of instruction is 45 minutes, with later, optional, group seed sessions.


These programs are typically 3-7 days in length and are offered at the “Gates of Knowledge”—locations in Taiwan, Hawaii and Los Angeles—to individuals with various topics of focus, including Acceleration, Interpersonal Harmonics and Harmonic Locations. Expanded application of the Seeds of Creation offers insight into many avenues of life and these areas are explored in detail during the FLYING SEED retreats.


Video recorded instructional online courses meets the needs of providing instructional guidance and education in the Seeds of Creation for individuals who are unable to attend lectures and courses in person. Introductory and Advanced Lectures are available. Contact us for further information.


Beginning in January, 2019, the Flying Seed Foundation will introduce an online 81-lesson instructional video series entitled, "The Song."  Participants from around the world will gain the knowledge of the Seeds of Creation in condensed, yet comprehensive, 15-minute segments broadcast every weekend. Two new segments will be offered weekly, for a year of knowledge.  More Info Coming Soon

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