Our Mission

The Flying Seed Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, the Flying Seed Foundation will educate individuals, children and scholars of all backgrounds and cultural beliefs in the teachings and techniques of the Flying Seed, and the application of this complete body of knowledge in spiritual and environmental regeneration. 

Our Gates
Central, East, West

Our non-profit has been recently structured to teach educational classes based on programs of study which have been taught for over 20 years. Classes are taught in countries around the world, including at our "Gates," in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Taiwan. 

The Great Birds of each land exhibit many special qualities. The Phoenix regenerates itself, rising out of the ashes, symbolizing transformation and rebirth. Mighty Garuda brought the nectar of immortality, amrita, to earth from heaven.  Egyptian Thoth was originator  of all knowledge, culture and arts.

Our Courses
Online & In-Person
Our Vision:  Inquiry, Consistency, Humanity

Courses are available to scholars, children and professionals alike. Study of the cosmic map of the Flying Seed and the body of knowledge associated with the 81 Seeds of Creation. Creating techniques enliven these values of knowledge and experience within the individual.

Harmonics: Locations, Relationships, Names

Bringing the knowledge of the Seeds to life!

We offer a wide range of services designed to bring useful application of the Seeds of Creation within reach of individuals,

Courses for families, teaching the simple techniques of the Seeds of Creation. Happiness, creativity, inner stability develop through a few minutes of these profound, techniques. We all know the value of daily physical exercise, now experience the value of exercising creative awareness.

Our Programs
Daily "Creating"

Just as the elements of the tree are found within the seed, the elements of experience and knowledge of creation is found within the Seeds of Creation. The goal of this practice is spiritual realization and full awakening in humanity as well as in nature.

Seeds of Wisdom
Family Courses

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